I decided to look in the Yellow Pages because I was searching for a place that offered electrolysis in Vancouver, BC. The Gentle Touch was one of the places that I found. I decided to try out a couple of places before committing myself to one place. It was not long before I realized that The Gentle Touch was the best place for me. There are many reasons why I approve so highly of The Gentle Touch. Firstly the staff at the salon are not only highly qualified and knowledgeable, but they are truly sincere. Throughout the years, they have proved to me that they care about me and are eager to provide me with great service, technology and treatment. Although I started as an electrolysis client, the staff at The Gentle Touch were very helpful in explaining to me the other options that are available in terms of hair removal. They informed me as to what kind of treatments were best suited for my skin tone, taking into consideration that I am Persian. Due to their detailed and non-pushy explanation, I made the choice to try out laser hair removal. I have seen great results with both and have been incredibly happy to be one of their clients. Without any hesitation I recommend The Gentle Touch for great service, excellent staff and amazing results.

PS, Vancouver

Dear The Gentle Touch: I just want to write and thank you for the exceptional level of service when I received your laser treatments. As an Asian male I was very impressed with the effectiveness of the laser on my facial area. The treatments were simple and caused no side effects.

RS, Vancouver, BC

I joined the client list of The Gentle Touch in 2000. A fortunate look through the Yellow Pages placed me in the very professional hands of The Gentle Touch.

I started with electrolysis treatments that were an overwhelming success. Each part of the process was explained and reinforced in a caring confident manner. Frequent, regularly scheduled appointments rewarded me with such successful results that I have only required the very occasional touch up. I am thrilled!

When they added laser treatment to the business I was curious but not initially interested. Again, information and education were provided in a very non-intimidating manner. When I realized that I could finally do something about coarse dark hair at my bikini line I decided to give it a try. Four treatments over 12 months have given me very fine light hair – which for me is a great improvement and something I never thought possible. I realize that further treatments would achieve better results but I am very satisfied with where I am now and have never been pressured into doing anything further.

I have dealt with electrolysis clinics in many different cities and have found The Gentle Touch to be one of the finest. Professional, discrete, confidential, impeccably clean treatment rooms, commitment to a fine job – all come to mind when I think of The Gentle Touch.

KJT, Vancouver, BC

I tried electrolysis at other places for years and finally gave up as it showed no improvement. On a whim I tried the laser treatment and now, three sessions later, there’s barely enough hair left to come back for a fourth! Yay!

Arleigh, Vancouver, BC

Oh my goodness! I had just turned thirty and already I had dark hairs growing from my chin. I wasn’t even married!

I will never forget that day, it has haunted me ever since.

Now, ten years later, and oh so wiser, I have done something I should have done years ago: I had a laser hair removal treatment. I had heard of it but was skeptical. I had tried other beauty treatments and none had worked, or if they had, it had been temporary. I didn’t like waxing and was convinced I wouldn’t have this small beard if I hadn’t had my chin waxed to begin with. I believe when you wax, you remove all the hairs. Whereas when you tweeze you remove only the ones you need to. Unfortunately, early morning tweeze sessions became longer and move hair continued to appear. Apparently, tweezing had stimulated blood flow to the area, causing even more hair to grow.

So, having the knowledge that no past form of hair removal had worked, why would I believe this one would? I didn’t! However, I was so tired of trying to rid myself of this problem, I would try anything…at least once. Plus, I didn’t want to hide it from my husband anymore. As the area was always red after tweezing, I would try to cover it with makeup. It rarely looked authentic. If I had not tweezed, the unsightly hair would drive me nuts. I was forever touching it, drawing attention to the very area I was so self-conscious about. I was also very opposed to anyone touching my face.

I can’t stand hair and especially not on my face, I had the laser treatment and it worked. The area was reddened with slight blistering for about three days. After only one treatment, I didn’t see my next hairs for a whole month. I could not believe it! I have now had my second treatment and likely not need another. Can you imagine? It is amazing and I feel way more confident for it.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago.

Johnna, Vancouver, BC

Hi. I have been one of the clients of The Gentle Touch hair removal salon for almost 8 months. The change that the laser treatment made in my appearance has been unbelievable; therefore I decided to share my personal experience with you.

The first time I contacted The Gentle Touch hair removal salon, I was exhausted with the pain I had to go through every time I was waxing my face and it wouldn’t take that long that those strong dark hairs would appear again. The more I was getting rid of those hairs, the more strong they would get and they would make me feel very uncomfortable. I had even tried electrolysis at a few places, but I personally found it very painful and gave it up.

Eventually, I decided to give it one more try and this time I decided to try the laser treatment. Even though I had heard from other people that laser treatment might cause serious damage to my skin, I went in for a free consultation and I decided to start the treatments. I tried to have the treatments done on my face regularly. The first 4 treatments were done every six weeks. After 4 to 5 treatments, I am amazed that the hair in most part of skin stopped growing. The hairs on parts of skin that still hair growth appeared has been very fine. There has been no change of color in my skin and now I enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing my face smooth and clear.

It’s been surprising when people see me after a few months and they tell me “Oh wow, you have changed!” The results of the treatments were so unbelievable even for my self and now I am very happy with my skin. So if you feel the same way about your unwanted hairs, just give it a try and you’ll be surprised that how much change it will make in your life.