Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Essentially there are two methods in use today for permanent hair removal: electrolysis and laser hair removal.


Electrolysis is a time-honored method of permanent hair removal.

There are two basic processes: galvanic and short-wave.

In both cases a thin filament (thin wire – also commonly referred to as a needle) is inserted into the hair follicle as far as it will go. Then an electrical current is applied to the follicle.

In the galvanic process a direct current is used. The current causes a chemical reaction in the follicle that produces sodium hydroxide. The sodium hydroxide destroys the follicle.

In the short-wave process a high frequency current is used. This current quickly produces concentrated heat at the filament tip which destroys the surrounding follicle tissue.

A third process, the blend, is a combination of galvanic and short-wave currents.

Electrolysis Pricing:

5 min $22
10 min $25
15 min $28
25 min $41
30 min $44
35 min $50
40 min $55
45 min $58
55 min $64
60 min $66


Laser Hair Removal

First of all, just what is a laser? It is simply a source of very bright light. Lasers have another important characteristic – they produce light of a single colour (wavelength for the ‘techies’ among us). By careful selection of the material used in the laser tube, it is possible to obtain the specific colour needed for different applications. In the case of hair removal red light is used.

Like short-wave electrolysis, laser hair removal also uses heat to destroy the follicle. The objective with laser hair removal is to rapidly heat up the papilla and lower third of the root sheath (to destroy the follicle). But do not want to damage other structures in the skin like the nerve endings and blood vessels.

The advantage of the laser is that the laser beam can treat several follicles at the same time.

At The Gentle Touch, we use the latest Light Sheer model called The Light Sheer Duet, which we purchased in 2013. It has two hand piece choices depending on your needs. The small hand piece is 9mm by 9mm and used for small areas, and the large hand piece is 22mm by 35mm which has reduced treatment time by 75% and has made treatments more comfortable.


Laser Hair Removal Pricing

  • Small Area (upper lip, chin, ears, toes, knuckles, cheek)  $75/session | SALE  $30/session or 6 for $99
  • Medium Area (under arms, basic bikini, nape, neck, hands or feet) $99/session | SALE $50/session or 6 for $149
  • Medium/Large Area (women’s back, 1/2 arms women) $175/session | SALE $55/session or 6 for $249
  • Large Area (full arms, 1/2 legs women, Brazilian (women only), full face) $150/session | SALE $75/session or 6 for $349
  • X-large Area (men’s back, torso, men’s full arms, men’s 1/2 legs) $200/session | SALE $99/session or 6 for $450