Wondering about our Electrolysis Vancouver Prices?

The Gentle Touch offers some of the most competitive Electrolysis Vancouver Prices. Established in 1987, The Gentle Touch in Kitsilano is one of the only laser hair removal and electrolysis clinics in Vancouver with Certified Electrologists.  Our Electrolysis Vancouver Prices for both the galvanic and short-wave are very competitive.

A question we are often asked is how much it will cost to permanently remove hair?

In general, the treatment area should be cleared of hair every 6 to 8 weeks for best results. If this is followed, the average person will take approximately one year to permanently eliminate the hair problem. But there are several factors that will determine the Electrolysis Vancouver Prices that will work for you.

One determining factor is how quickly your body heals. The actual amount of time will differ from person to person because some people heal quicker than others. Because Electrolysis works to destroy the hair follicle, if your body tends to heal quickly, the hair follicle will recover and you will need to have more treatments to completely remove the hair.

The amount of hair to be removed makes a difference in the Electrolysis Vancouver Prices. If it is a small area then it won’t take as much time to treat so a shorter session will often take care of it.

Another factor is where the hair is on your body. Although some hair may never grow back after the first treatment, other hair will be harder to treat and require several visits. Body hair has different growth cycles. The hair on the lip tends to take 12-14 weeks to grow back as compared to the bikini line which takes 6-8 weeks to return.

So don’t wait too long between treatments. Talk to one of our specialists to find out about your treatment options.

Electrolysis Pricing:

5 min $22
10 min $25
15 min $28
25 min $41
30 min $44
35 min $50
40 min $55
45 min $58
55 min $64
60 min $66