Electrolysis Vancouver Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Essentially there are two methods in use today for permanent hair removal: Electrolysis and laser hair removal. Are you wondering about our Electrolysis Vancouver prices? Read on to find out more.


Electrolysis is a time-honored method of permanent hair removal.

There are two basic processes: galvanic and short-wave.

In both cases, a thin filament (a thin wire – also commonly referred to as a needle) is inserted into the hair follicle as far as it will go. Then an electrical current is applied to the follicle. Don’t worry; the skin is not actually punctured. We go through the natural opening of the hair follicle in the skin, which is similar to a pore. Once the hair has been treated it is gently lifted out. You should hardly even feel the hair being removed from the follicle.

In the galvanic process, a direct current is used. The current causes a chemical reaction in the follicle that produces sodium hydroxide. The sodium hydroxide destroys the follicle.

In the short-wave process, a high-frequency current is used. This current quickly produces concentrated heat at the filament tip which destroys the surrounding follicle tissue.

A third process, the blend, is a combination of galvanic and short-wave currents.

It’s important to note that Electrolysis Vancouver is not a one-time treatment. Your Electrolysis requirements may be very different from others. It all depends on how you have treated the hair in the past. But remember, the frequency of your treatments is very important for best results. Best results occur when the hairs are removed when they are actively growing, So don’t wait too long between treatments. Talk to one of our specialists to find the best treatment for you.

Electrolysis Pricing:

5 min $22
10 min $25
15 min $28
25 min $41
30 min $44
35 min $50
40 min $55
45 min $58
55 min $64
60 min $66