If you live in Vancouver and looking for permanent hair removal in Kitsilano, we’ve got you covered!

Unwanted body hair can be the bane of existence for many men and women. The Gentle Touch Salon knows all about how to deal with this nagging nuisance. In fact, they are rated as the place to go for permanent hair removal in Kitsilano.

Perhaps you’ve tried some of those home hair removal methods – perhaps shaving or depilatory creams. But they only last a few days. And then there are a few longer lasting options like waxing and threading, but who wants those nasty ingrown hairs? And when the results only last a few weeks, it’s hardly worth all that pain. Why not consider a permanent hair removal method like Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis?

The Gentle Touch offers laser hair removal and electrolysis, both of which provide long-lasting effects and are far more efficient than shaving. Neither is a one-time treatment – each requires several sessions.

Electrolysis – for tackling those smaller areas

Electrolysis takes longer than laser hair removal because it has to be spread out over more sessions. It’s a far more precise process, tackling each individual hair follicle at a time. This is the best treatment option for blond hair or hair that’s lighter than the skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal – for the larger patches – but for dark hair only

Laser hair removal only works if your hair is dark. It must be either black or brown and must be darker than the colour of your skin. For blonde hair or hair that’s lighter than the colour of the person’s skin, electrolysis is your only option.

So, no matter where you live in Vancouver, if you’re looking for permanent hair removal in Kitsilano, the Gentle Touch is your place. The Gentle Touch Laser hair removal electrologists are passionate about helping people! We are one of the only laser hair removal facilities with Certified Electrologists certified through The Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia (TAPE BC).

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Note there’s a 20% discount if you do more than one area!
  • Upper lip, chin, or sideburns/cheek:  $40/session
  • Underarms, basic bikini, or women’s half arms: $60/session
  • Brazillian bikini (women only), women’s half legs, women’s full arms, full face, or men’s shoulders: $99/session
  • Men’s full arms: $150/session
  • Men’s back or men’s full torso: $199/session
  • Full body: $450/session

Electrolysis Pricing:

  • 5 min $22
  • 10 min $25
  • 15 min $28
  • 25 min $41
  • 30 min $44
  • 35 min $50
  • 40 min $55
  • 45 min $58
  • 55 min $64
  • 60 min $66

Book your appointment now and be ready to face spring and summer with confidence!