Ack! You’re rushing to go out. You’re dressed and make-up is on. Checking yourself in the mirror you realize the worst… you forgot to shave your underarms! It’s a situation many of us have experienced: I know I’ve made this mistake and sadly didn’t realize it until after I’d left the house, forced to keep my arms awkwardly pinned to my sides all night. Well, what if you didn’t have to worry about this? How easy would it be to slip into your little black dress, or your yoga outfit and not have to think about the last time you shaved? With underarm laser hair removal, you can do just that – forget about that unsightly hair.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal targets the hair right down at the follicle level, meaning you don’t need to grow the hair out before a treatment. And unlike with shaving or waxing, you won’t have to endure painful and unsightly ingrown hairs or nasty razor burns or irritation. And underarm laser hair removal can even help with ingrown hairs, leaving your skin smooth and soft and blemish free.

At the Gentle Touch Salon, we love what we do — we help you feel smooth and healthy, whether through laser hair removal, microderm, electrolysis. However, we can’t do photo facials in summer nor laser hair removal on areas that see the sun!

Summer is a Great Time to get Underarm Laser Hair Removal

So before you have an underarm laser hair removal treatment, you need to make sure you don’t have a tan. That means no tanning those underarms in the sunlight, in a tanning bed or even getting a tan from a bottle. But that’s the great thing about underarm laser hair removal treatment — when do you tan your underarms anyhow? You’re pretty much good to go all year long.

You should note that underarm laser hair removal doesn’t work overnight. You will notice the hairs gradually falling out as they die in the weeks after a treatment. And most patients need 3 and 7 sessions to see permanent hair loss. But fear not: you can continue to shave while the process is underway.

Laser Hair Removal Special – Fall 2019 – Kitsilano

Book your appointment now and say no to shaving. Say yes to underarm laser hair removal. We have a great deal going on right now.

Note there’s a 20% discount if you do more than one area!
  1. Upper lip, chin, or sideburns/cheek:  $40/session
  2. Underarms, basic bikini, or women’s half arms: $60/session
  3. Brazillian bikini (women only), women’s half legs, women’s full arms, full face, or men’s shoulders: $99/session
  4. Men’s full arms: $150/session
  5. Men’s back or men’s full torso: $199/session
  6. Full body: $450/session

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Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels