Vancouver deals on laser hair removal – May is the best month to get yours done and here’s why!

Are you fed up with the endless cycle of shaving? Why not try Laser Hair Removal? It is permanent, painless, and we have awesome Vancouver deals on laser hair removal. May is the best month to do this, so what are you waiting for?

We have great Vancouver deals on laser hair removal – right now you can get between 50% to 60% off our regular pricing (check our deals below). And May is a great time to get your Laser Hair Removal done just before the swimsuit and shorts season begins. Also, summer is a great time to get laser hair treatment done because it is best to do it before you have a tan. And laser hair removal doesn’t work overnight. You will notice the hairs gradually falling out as they die in the weeks after treatment. And most patients need 3 and 7 sessions to see permanent hair loss. So this is a great time to start the process!

At The Gentle Touch, we use the latest technology and have two handpiece choices depending on your needs. The small handpiece is 9mm by 9mm and used for small areas, and the large handpiece is 22mm by 35mm which has reduced treatment time by 75% and has made treatments more comfortable.


  • Safe, effective, no downtime
  • Relatively painless using multiple passes with lower energy technology
  • Semi-permanent hair removal
  • Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Find out more about Laser Hair Removal and the difference between it and Electrolysis here

Vancouver Deals on Laser Hair Removal:

Note there’s a 20% discount if you do more than one area!

  • Upper lip, chin, or sideburns/cheek:  $40/session
  • Underarms, basic bikini, or women’s half arms: $60/session
  • Brazillian bikini (women only), women’s half legs, women’s full arms, full face, or men’s shoulders: $99/session
  • Men’s full arms: $150/session
  • Men’s back or men’s full torso: $199/session
  • Full body: $450/session

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